Monday, June 27, 2011

freakin bz week~

yeay,i have passed revit test with flying color!!woot...i'll get ACAD n REVIT certificate^^
this week memang bakal sibuk...Esok lusa kena pergi PAM(Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia) centre...30th start bertugas dkt Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre..nervous lak nak jaga register counter..tak boleh buat silap event kot..bukan event dekat uni pon..kena speakin nanti..kena pakai formal..kena senyum selalu...seyes nervous...tmbah yg datang mostly profesional architect, interior designer, orang2 besar and archi student..ya-ALLAH tolongla semuanya berjalan lancar..amin^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Nervous nak kerja!!!
Most of my friends dah pergi interview..aku?
Lepas habis kursus 3P, mak aku suruh balik hometown dulu..duduk rumah dalam 2-3 minggu..blaja memasak....jaga rumah...ajar adik study....
haish, bila masa nak apply work ni?
risau juga kalau lama2 dah susah dapat kerja..
tapi takpa rezeki ALLAH ada dimana2..
plus, i already got one interview..lecturer aku offer work dekat firm dia..weee...
best jugak dapat kerja dengan orang yang dah kenal..
but the problem is firm dia banyak project oversea..local tak banyak..mau ka dia bagi aku handle project oversea?? banyak dekat arab saudi..wah kena brush up balik arabic aku..hehe
maybe aku try apply dekat banyak firm, tengok mana yang cocok dengan jiwa aku..hmm..
anyway, i got a good news!!
after interview session yesterday, finally aku terpilih for student volunteer programme for Datum KL(architecture conference)...nervous juga nak handle international event ni..semoga semua berjalan lancar..
and good luck for tomorrow revit test!!Mardiah fighting!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


this has been a great week for me..
1st, my babe is my new roomate!!!!can you believe that????ive been dreaming about it since high school..never thought it will cme true one day...woot!!lepas ni boleh makan, tidor, g fakulti sama2..ngeee...
2nd, i got my final exam result..better than last satisfied with my graduating!!!
3rd, i passed my AutoCAD exam which i took on friday..yeay, ill get certificate from Autodesk^^ hope boleh la guna bila nak cari kerja nanti~
4th, I went to k.nisa's akad nikah..everything was so happy for her...hope berkekalan ke anak im dreaming of my own wedding =P
Alhamdullillah..thanx ALLAH for everything =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm graduating!

"Anda layak dianugerahkan ijazah tertakluk kepada kelulusan Senat "
Alhamdulillahh...finally, I'm graduating!woot!
Insya-ALLAH my convocation will be held on 5th of October 2011..
I hope my family and bestfriends can come..
but since my babe will fly back to US this August, saza already start new semester and elly maybe bz with work...i guess only iffah can come..she better come, if not...hahaha...
It's kinda sad, i'm not a student anymore..i will miss life as an architecture freakingtastic friends, studio, lecturer, and of cuz UM!!the greatest university in this
but insya-ALLAH i'll do master once im ready..maybe i'll work for 1-2 years, then further my studies..
hope everthing will be much-much better in the future..
anyway, im blessssedddd!!!ngeee...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sisters by heart

Im the luckiest person in this world..
Because I have a lot of sisters by heart..
We have shared so much laughter, shared so many tears.
We have a spiritual bond that grows stronger each year.
We are not sisters by birth, but we are sisters by heart..
You know who you are..
Thank you for always being there for me..
without you guys, im forever alone..

a beginning...a new life!

I have decided to start a new life..
no matter how wonderful or bad my past may have been, today im starting a new journey...
A new beginning..
I must become a better person. I must!