Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap

Wow, happy new year!! # 2NE12!!! haha
Lama xupdate malas tetiba malam ni ada mood plak..okey, lets catch up pe yg dh termiss okay..I'll make it short n sweet^^

1.Surprise birthday party!
First time kot ada org buat surprise bday party for me..terharu sangat cuz time tu sangat bz for final presentation...Thanx pario for the event.i love u guys so much..xoxo

2. Have my own book!
awesome sangat ada buku sendri!worth it dapat join program UM-NUS^^

3.K-Pario 1st trip!
Trip to PD, best sangat. pantai yg agak cantik.ber-barbeque tepi pantai..n hati ke hati with all kpario...cnt wait for 2nd trip!

2.Datum 2011 (architecture conference)
First time jadi volunteer for international cuz dapat kenal archi student from other architecture school..dapat jumpa rmai architect famous...dapat dengar conference for free (it cost more than RM300 for student to attend this conference)..hope next year dpaat join lagi as participant..insya-ALLAH^^

3.My Bestfriend is my roommate(walaupon only for 1 month)
It was like dream cme true!Dulu selalu berangan dapat jadi roommate with one of my bestfriend...alhmdullilah, yeay to ana my babe!!i had a great month with her..watching running man together n gelak bagai nak gila..haha..miss all those moments^^

4. finally graduated from UM!!!!
It was my happiest day ever..All my family members are with me to celebrate my day!!after 3 years study like there is no tomorrow!! altho sedih sikit sbb non of my bf dapat datang(except aiman since she also graduated with me) but i know all my besties are happy for me^^

5. Korean Music Wave!
the best concert ever!Puas hati sangat dapat tengok Bigbang's member performed...i wish This year (2012) ada la concert Bigbang n 2NE1..i will make sure i can attend it no matter what^^

Alhamdullilah,i started working the same month with my so lucky dapat kerja with my team now, everything are so great. I will work hard! Fighting!

7.2PM Hands Up Tour!
2nd korean concert. I really enjoyed watching their performance^^

8. living n my own!
Wah, rasa macam dah dewasa ja bila kena menyewa sndiri..tak duduk dengan parent or friend..semuanya macam cepat ja..tapi seronok jugak..i like my house now..not the best, but enough for me^^

9. My own car.
Alhamdullilah =)

Last but not least.. New Year Eve!!!

seronok sangat dapat spent time with my besties...first kitorang ber-baskin robin at mid valley n tgkap2 gmbar..

the christmas deco at mid sngat cantik..i loike!shopping at topsop, bought 'something' there..keke..then kitorang ber-steambot at flaming near sunway..sedap sangat n berbaloi walaupun cost almost RM30...then jalan2 dekat sunway pyramid before ber-firework dekat the curve..sesak n rmai dengan orang!someone sprayed the white thing at my face =( i hate it damn much...but the firework was the best, probably the best ive ever seen..

after that, we went to mamak at ttdi, pekena teh tarik before my friends sleepover at my house..lawak plak 4 org sumbat dalam bilikku yg kecik molek tu..hehe..overalll this is the best new year eve...cnt wait for next year, mb bole celebrate with someone..who knows..keke